Are you an entrepreneur looking to grow your business with marketing? But don’t really know what is better for your business?

The question we get asked frequently is, Should I do SEO or ads? What about social media campaigns – is this one better than another? “We’re here for all those tedious details so that you can get the most out of it!

These conversations are not only enlightening but also invigorating. The different marketing channels bring out the best in people as they argue their point with passion and clarity, exploring every potential pro or con for what would work most effectively given your budget.

It’s important to note the difference between Facebook advertising and Google AdWords. The two platforms have different features that can impact your overall marketing strategy, such as targeting customers based on their interests or reaching potential clients with specific campaigns. A common denominator in all these discussions is how Facebook vs google differently impacts conversions – one of many keystones needed for successful advertisement!

When you don’t understand your marketing efforts, it can result in significant budget waste and ultimately cause frustration for the business owner. This often leads them to stop all their other activities such as advertising or public relations campaigns. Wich would lead to less exposure for your brand. Our company Mobilise Solutions work closely with Google and Facebook, we know what it takes to succeed with an advertisement on both platforms. 

So let’s talk Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads!

Google Ads for Marketing.

Google is a force to be reckoned with on the internet. The company’s ad platform (formerly known as Google Adwords; now called simply “Google Ads”) generates 90% of its revenue, which makes it an important part of generating income for this popular search engine that most people use every day!

Google is a search engine that has been specifically designed to facilitate online shopping. The reason why advertisers enjoy using this platform so much? It’s because of purchase intent-people want what they see on the screen right away (or at least soon).