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Mobilise Solutions is entirely white label. We can build your app under your own, brand, colours, domain name. Mobilise Solutions is an open-source and Community app builder enriched by top developers, developing mobile applications for IOS and Android. Mobilise Solutions platform is an open-source CMS. You add value to your company by adding an asset to it. Cross Platform, create once and obtain native apps for iPhones, iPad, Android phones and tablet, and web app.

Organisation Features

What if your users can be informed about your next event?  Showcase your events on Facebook page, Google calendar. You can also create your custom events. 

Allow users to book a seat, table or anything you want, with a smooth and multistore plugin. The form will be sent to the right store after the users validation. 

Manage your appointments like a proIts now possible to add in a complete appointment engine in your app and to manage multiply stores, services and providers from one place. You will also be able to set working hours for these stores, holiday slots and everything you would need to able to manage your appointments. 

Thjob feature for providing a recruitment tool which companies can post their job offers. Each member you set as a company admin will be able to publish the available open position. Candidates can apply directly from the app. 

Use this feature to organise your content. With Folder, you can create your app tree, with envelopes, subfolders, sub-sub folders, your pages in them. You can even search box to help your users to find they are looking for. 

If you need to lock your app wholly or partially, that’s the feature you need. Choose the pages you want to protect and how they have to be protected, and regular users will not be able to access the locked content. If you select a protection through membership, the accounts you have authorised will be able to access the secured pages. If you choose a QR Code protection, only users who have QR Code will have access to your protected section. 

Monetisation Features

The complete feature to sell online, from a single store to chain of stores. Image galleries, products and price formats, options, checkbox, notes, payment gateway, are everything you need to sell your products is in your users hands.  

Integrate any Woocommerce shop native in your applications. Add an excellent store in your app. 

Taxi Ride
The feature to create your taxi app. From managing one taxi to the unlimited worldwide fleet company, you can now build your taxi app to allow users to book a ride and drivers to earn money in driving users.  

Loyalty Cards
Create your loyalty program. In one app, you can add as many loyalty cards as needed, that allows you to get a merchant listing, for example, with each merchant having its program,  Redeemed by QR code or password. 

Get the store sales rolling with simple, high-performance discounts. Collect users data when your coupons are redeemed. 

Monetise your app with adds. Just copy your ads ID from your Admob account and choose how to monetise your app. 

Set Meals 
An excellent and appealing way to display your menus. Create cards with photos, prices and descriptions. 

QR Coupons   
Create venues to your business or improve your newsletter opening by distributing your QR code to your users. 

All your products and prices at users fingertips. Display your list of products in a beautiful listing available. 


A simple and pleasant feature for your users. Let them look for the weather in their city and by default, display the current climate in a specific country or city. 

Let your users find their path from anywhere in the world to the location you want. A feature which will guide them through the GPS of their phone. It geolocates and offers the appropriate path through Google Map. 

Launch your Craigslist-list app. With this feature, you can now add a local Classified Ads marketplace for your users to offer products and services through your app. 

If you need to create a directory of businesses, this feature is for you! Add useful information in your mobile app with register of nearby places and points of interest. The market can be displayed all in one map.  


Animate your community with a social network within your app! Users can send post and photos, geolocate other users photos and comment on their posts. You can lean back and see your users engagement growing by its own. 

If you want to offer a complete chat solution to let your users chat in realtime, that’s the feature you need! Yes, completely real-time by using WebSockets. Download and upload in your Mobilise Solutions and add a complete Chat in your apps with public and private chatrooms.  

Make your application and social network pages communicate with each other. Get your content shared through social networks and provide you with additional free traffic and downloads. Embed your social network pages in your app to gather all your information in one entry point. 


Add any Twitter account to your application and display all tweets within your app. The links from the twitter are clickable. The info like following/followers and retweet are also available. 

News wall
Want to send your news attractively? Just use the News Wall feature to send your info, photos, etc. and get your users engaged with you by commenting and liking. Get useful feedbacks, improve your communications, collect the benefits or better user engagements. 



Need to send private messages with rich content and attachments to specific users? Choose the user(s) you want to inform, and they will get you private news with videos, text, images and attachments right in their inbox feature. And, of course, they can answer you. 

 Push Notifications 
Contact your users whenever you want, and whenever the need arises. It’s unlimited. Schedule your notifications to be sent on specific dates and times. Send a geofenced notification to your clients based on their location. Thanks to the Topic feature and the Individual push notification module, you can also communicate with groups of interest and a specific user. Push are also used natively in different features to send accurate alerts when required. 

Create topics to offer some lists of interests and get your users base segmented on which lists they want to subscribe to. This way, send specific notifications and messages. 

Scratch Card
Add some entertainment in your app! Make your users play and get rewards. Like in real life, they just have to scratch to discover if they have won or lost. You can set the number of winners, the percentage of chance to win, the games to be played once or multiple times. To sum-up, everything you need to bring some fun in your app 


Café Mobile App/Mobilise Solutions

Add a music player to entertain your app users! Create playlists from iTunes, Soundcloud, Podcasts or your files, and let the music play. Users can share and buy tracks from the store. Of course, music can be played in the background while the users keep browsing the app or lock their phone screen. 

Highlight your app with attractive photo galleries. Create categories, import photos from your computer, Picasa or Instagram!  

Create a Radio app or just let your users listen to their favourite broadcasts; it’s up to you. And just like for the Audio feature users can keep browsing the app or even lock their phone and listen to the radio in the background! 

Add a touch of multimedia within your app. Integrate videos from Youtube, Vimeo, Podcasts. You can choose from integrating a complete channel from Youtube to a specific video from Vimeo. 



Collect feedback from users to anything you want. Create complete surveys with complex questions and logical triggers. Export data and users answer in csv files and build beautiful reports with charts and graphics.  

RSS Feed
Does a blog or news feed that you’d like to feature? Feeds can become part of your application. Entertain your users with info directly within your app, and drive traffic to your website. You can add as many RSS feeds from as many sources needed. Don’t you know the link to the feed? No worries, you just have to enter the URL of the website to choose from all its available feeds. 


The page to gather all your contact info. Allow one-touch-call, geolocation, links to social pages, and much more.  

Have you ever wondered why there are so many Quiz apps available on the app stores? Because it’s fun! And your users want a bit of fun too, don’t they? Bring it to them with our new Quiz module, and they will enjoy your apps for sure.  

Want to get some specific data from your users? Build your structures to get leads, feedbacks and many other things you can get from a form. 



Custom Page
Want to create high pages with rich content? Now you can! Create a page with all the content you need text, photo galleries, videos, address, sliders, click-to-call and email buttons, weblinks. Order all your sections the way you want to create beautiful pages. 

Integrate any external webpage to your app. Want to integrate your mobile website or an external booking system? Just paste your link(s) to get them available through your app.

You can manage all your operations from your dashboard: from how many push notifications have been sent to how many customers are using your CMS. 

Manage Users
From your back end, you can manage all your users, the apps which they are associated with. 

User roles
Create as many roles as needed to allow your users to access specific parts of your CMS. 

Your CMS is multi-lingual. It can translate easily from a simple interface. 

Previewer App
Let your users live to test their apps on their mobile thanks to your previewer app.  

Generating APK and IOS Auto-Publish
Eliminate the hassle of generating apps manually. 

Payments Gateway
Add several payment gateways. 

Invoices and Subscriptions
Available in your Platform Edition: everything is automated, from charging your clients based on the pricing plan you have set to create their invoices. You can lean back and watch your revenue grow. 

Previews Popups
A simple way to improve the user experience in your CMS: add and manage popups to allow your users to preview a feature before adding it to their applications. You can duplicate the preview in any languages. 

Open Source
customizable to match your specific needs and the ones of your clients. 

Strong Solutions
Based on ionic Framework, Mobilise Solutions is a secure CMS for building an efficient cross-platform mobile application. 

Mobilise Solutions CMS
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