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As a mortgage broker or finance professional you always want to make sure that you are top on mind with your clients.

How do you currently do this? Emails, Newsletters, maybe SMS messages, all great platforms for keeping in touch with your clients.

What if there was a better way, a way that you could effectively give your clients a tap on the shoulder and say “Hey, remember me” to keep them interested in your business and ensure that next time they need finance they call you and your business.

Provide them with regular updates to a device that they are using everyday and have with them where ever they go.

Social media is great as long as you are watching the newsfeed when something is posted otherwise you missed it, email overload tends to get people just deleting emails unless they really need some information, SMS messages are great but are bland and lack quality and professionalism.

A Mobilise Solutions Mobile App allows you to provide your potential clients and existing clients are way to interact with your business like never before.

You have the choice of a wide range of functions which can be designed into your app right from the beginning and new functions easily added as you want to expand your Mobile App.

Mortgage App Features

  • Push Notifications
  • Geofencing Marketing
  • Manage Your App application for sending push notifications, offers and getting your Mobile App analytics
  • Call Us directly from the app, no having to remember phone numbers or look for them in your phone
  • GPS directions directly to your office
  • Tell A Friend – Your own in built referral system which your mobile app users can use to share your business via Email, Facebook, Twitter or SMS
  • Office tab that shows your office on Maps, As well as a call us button, direct link to your website and an email us button
  • Either choose from 3 $10 per month, 6 $20 per month or All of our available mortgage calculators $30 per month (excludes GST)
  • List events that your company is running that clients can attend
  • Testimonials
  • Connect to your YOUTUBE channel
  • Request Information tab
  • QR Coupons for providing special offers from your partners, such as $50 discount of home inspection once loan has settled
  • Welcome tab to provide information on you and your finance consultants
  • Send Us a Photo Tab – Can be used to send a photo of the house your client is looking to buy along with other details.
  • Full social media integration with Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter so your clients never miss one of your social media posts again
  • Fan Wall – Where clients can leave feedback about there experience with your organisation. This is all moderated from our client management portal
  • Link to your blog so that your clients always are able to access your latest new, tips or articles that you post
  • Add a QR Code scanner, useful when clients are looking at properties and agents put QR codes on the For Sale signs
  • Sign up for your newsletter. Allows you to collect Names and email addresses to add to your email list
  • Company info tab

And many more features