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The stats are clear: 48% of customers would instead connect with a business using webchat than email, phone or any other devices.

Reasons why:
• Real-time web chat is the most convenient channel for one-on-one communication.
• Webchat provides the quickest responses.
• And customers that use webchat are likely to spend more and do repeat business.

Webchat tools for business enhance customer support, marketing and sales with smart features like:
• Website chat automation tools
• Advanced customer support management
• Marketing lead capture and qualification tools
• Tools for native web chat, Facebook webchat, WordPress and more

What is Chatbot?

Chatbots are all the rage these days, thanks to a massive advancement in
artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP). They are
increasingly used by businesses of all sizes to interact with their prospective
and existing customers, not just in the area of customer support, but also in
sales and marketing.
The Chatbot is an artificial intelligence that can conduct a conversation with
a human. They’re used to automate tasks from Facebook Messenger, SMS
messenger, and native website chatbots.

A Mobilise Solutions built Chatbot can help a user get answers to their frequently asked questions, help someone schedule appointments. The Chatbot is used for Marketing, customers service,
lead generation, diagnosing customers need, providing people with directions to the store, showing store open hours and much more.

The Chatbot does a lot to reduce the human workload. A well- designed chatbot can do the work of 5 or 10 humans. The Chatbot will be more reliable because of the instant response to customers,
and it saves money by reducing the cost associated with humans.

38% of consumers are more likely to buy from a company if they offer website chat support. Website chat is a great way to bring visitors back to your website, as 63% of customers are more likely to return to a website that offers chat on its website.

Website chat that combines chatbots and live chat has all these excellent benefits:

• 24/7 instant response with chatbots to answer questions with no
wait time for customers.
• Always mobile-friendly for users.
• Grow leads from website chat by inviting visitors to stay in touch.

For visitors that interact with your bot on your site, you have many rich chatbot features to choose from.

• Send plain text
• Give users quick response buttons to tap (like Yes or No)
• Include images and GIFs
• Send videos and attachments in the chat
• Opt-in website visitors to SMS and Facebook Messenger updates

Integrate your marketing stack with instant, 24/7, automatic chatbots that never sleep.

Give your website visitors a virtual assistant that’s plugged into all your
business applications, for incredible, time-saving efficiency to your

Jump into the conversation at the right time with real-time lead alerts triggered by the bot.

Never miss an opportunity to close a sale with a hot lead alert when a prospect is moving through the funnel.

Does The Chatbot Increase Revenue?

Since the bot responds instantly, your response rate skyrockets and
your response times drop dramatically compared to human interactions.
And the response rate is the key to keep prospects around, and Chatbot
never sleeps. And that will make you money even when you sleep. Get
on board with this revolution before your competition does.

Mobilise Solutions offers a powerful and intuitive interface for adding
messaging into companies marketing mix. Growth-minded marketers
should jump on this to start building contacts list and engaging with their
audience through messaging. Let’s chat about how Mobilise Solutions
chatbot can help your business.

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