Social Media Management Questionnaire

  • Contact Info

    Let's start by making sure we can reach you. Our crystal ball got lost in the mail so we can't guess your contact details.
  • Please tell us the exact handle or name of your social profile. Even if you want to share your content on multiple accounts, please name the main one. Eg: "@AwesomeStartup" or "Jane the Blogger Doe".
  • Content

    Let's craft the best CONTENT for you. Stop Wasting time filling your queue Mobilise Solutions recycles your best content, so you can spend time on what truly matters
  • We'll share the content on all of them, but we would like to know which one you consider the main.
  • We usually recommend having at least 3 of them in your content mix. Plus, depending on your own content, we'll create all the other relevant categories. No worries, we can tweak this later, if needed.
  • We will adapt the schedule to suit the frequency of your posting.
  • These are the main #hashtags you would want to be used when adding new posts. If your main platform is Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, two hashtags will suffice. If you're also posting on Instagram, add up to 30 #hashtags. Don't worry, we'll also do a #hashtag research ourselves.
  • From 0 - extremely formal, like when you had to do essays in school. To 4 - extremely loose, like when you're with your friends at a comedy club.
  • These are the words that best define the type of content your audience would be interested in. E.g.: "Artificial Intelligence", "Social Media Marketing", "Entrepreneurship", etc. You can also add here a few examples of articles you like.
  • These are sites whose posts you would regularly share on social media and maybe also @Mention the author. If they have an RSS feed, we'll add them to SocialBee, so when a new post gets published on these sites, it's automatically added to the Blogs from RSS content category.
  • Any images you can share with us will help us create better and more relevant posts for you. Eg: Your logo, pictures of your products/team/office/etc, or other visual content that defines your brand. You can just add them to a DropBox or Google Drive folder or if using any other tool you can share them with
  • As part of the Social Media Specialist Plus service, you get to choose an add-on each week, out of the following: 1. Custom Animations (GIFs): We will add animated elements to the visuals that we create. 2. Article-based Videos: We will create explanatory videos based on your own articles, as videos are easier to consume and usually perform better. 3. Boosted posts for Facebook: You can improve your posts' reach with boosting (through your Ad account).
  • Any specific needs you have related to the content? Like who are some of your competitors, so we don't share their content, what type of content your prefer, or what we should stay away from?
  • ✅ If you pick Yes, once we're done with the onboarding, we'll set the schedule to running right away. We can still do any changes after that. 🛑 If you pick No, we'll email you once we complete the onboarding, and you'll be the one who puts the content to running to get the posting started. P.S.: The initial batch of content will always need to be approved by you.
  • Almost done

    You're almost done. Just tell us a bit more about your business.
  • This will help us get a better understanding about your business so we can create better content and grow a more targeted audience. If you know the 'persona' of your customer, give us the details here. Include things about your audiences' age & location, interests or professional needs.
  • So we know how we can best meet your needs.
  • Hey, we have many skills. Maybe we can help some more. You don't know if you don't ask.
  • Yes, you can even add the best joke you know here.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.